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Previous Entry Let's play a game Oct. 23rd, 2016 @ 02:00 pm Next Entry
Let’s play a game,”
Death whispers in your ears.
roulette wheel,
going around and around,
spinning before the decision ends.

Once upon a time ago,
you lived in a beautiful pretend fantasies,
you were the princess, the saver, the hero
and every tale ends with
happily, ever after.

such a shame,
those lies, lies, and more lies
spinning in your head.
“The truth sets you free,”
someone once said.

How can the truth set you free,
when you don’t know what’s real or not?
when you want to be saved
from that old fortified castle
locked away somewhere.

Death doesn’t leave
not until the game ends.
What the outcome is, you’re not too sure.
After all, death whispers in your ears:
“it’s just a game, it’s all pretend anyway”
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